Letting Go With Stillness

We practice letting go difficulties or unwanted feelings with stillness or staying still instead of needing to “fix” things through this mindfulness meditation.

Expectation Poem, Sue Ellson

To accept or expect 
That is the question 
To live in the moment 
Or demand attention

The weather forecast 
May be right or wrong 
But the seasons keep changing 
To help us stay strong 

We can choose to strive 
To seek and not to yield 
Or we can just be love 
And simply open the field 

For it is in the surrender 
That we lose the addiction
And find ourselves
In a place without friction

The pursuit of happiness
Has too many highs and lows
The peace of contentment
Allows us to enjoy life’s flows

When I think of love
It is often a chase
But it is time right now
To leave that race

For when I feel in my heart
The love is there
From a smile or a touch
Or a show of care

To believe takes faith
And a loss of control
But that is when serendipity
Starts to play its role

And then it happens
When you open your eyes
To see what is already there
And you finally realise

It is there in full view
But not how you expect
So love what you have
And treat it with respect

Guide: Noelle Lim

Image credit: CRZ, Unsplash

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