Body Consciousness

This is a practice of bringing awareness to the body to help us stay in the present moment, and step away from rumination. Our toes do not ruminate nor judge. Once a toothache is gone, the body does not feel it but the mind may still bear memory of it.

Feelings: Body Consciousness (extract), Kiran Pillai

I know my policy is for joy and happiness. 
Nothing else matters really for me today. 
No getting stuck in emotions and feelings. 
Live from depth of life. Nothing else matters.

Everything is a feeling in body. 
Nothing more. All emotions just are. 
I got a hint that emotions are feelings. 
You feel in your body. Maybe even mind things. 

Anger. Just a thing in your body. 
Fear. Again something in your body. 
You shrink, clench and constrict. 
Do that for long and sickness appears. 

Guide: Noelle Lim

Image credit: Kabo, Unsplash

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