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In signing up for the 8-Week MBCT, these are testimonials shared by past participants to help you assess if the Program could be a fit.

“For mental health professionals, this program promotes personal and professional growth, including suitable applications during sessions with clients (in therapy).”

This program has taught me a lot of things I would never find out about myself had I not been part of this program. Through mindfulness exercises facilitated and guided by a professional, I was able to improve my mental well-being at my own pace. For anyone who is interested in the mental health field, or is pursuing a career in mental health, I would recommend joining this workshop with no reservation. Even if you are just curious, this workshop will be an adventure to self-discovery and self-healing.

This is a very nice program for people who are motivated in improving themselves and learning to be more mindful in life.

I can sleep a lot better and am able to manage anxiety a lot better.

I learned how to calm myself and respond to my emotions and mind with more calmness.” 

“The 8th session is the rest of life”, I will keep reminding myself of that. Anyone who wants to improve your mental health, this is the course for you.

“I am a person who ruminates a lot. I learn to now let go, breath/meditate when it gets too overwhelming. Feels the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Awesome.”

“The course has helped me manage my knee-jerk reactions to situations or instances that normally would upset me. Definitely worth attending during these stressful times.”

“Through this training/program, it helps me to dive into my daily activities, although as minor as noticing the trees outside my house, the houses in my area, or just by waking up.”

“This program is a lifeboat to me. If you are also looking for a religious free meditation or mindfulness course, I would recommend you to speak to Noelle.”

If “mindfulness” looks tabooed in your world, you are invited to come try it and see for yourself what it really is, and perhaps see yourself more clearly. This is a course on a way of life, for those who want facilitation on how to get closer the mind and heart.”

“This 8 weeks MBCT course has helped me to understand, explore and be kinder to myself. At the end of the course, I definitely feel less anxious & know how to gently manage some of my thoughts and my emotions when I react. Would certainly highly recommend it.”

“Class nights become so joyful and calming all at the same time thanks to Noelle’s guidance and everyone’s presence. The course not only provides a platform for everyone from various walks of life to come together to learn, share and listen to each other without any judgement, but also provide a solid foundation for people to thrive on their life-long mindfulness learning journey. Thank you so much!”

“MBCT with Noelle gave me practical, research-based tools to access an oasis of calm, focus and clarity in my busy life. As a result, I find that I am less overwhelmed, and am able to take on daily challenges with a greater sense of certainty, lucid focus and less stress. Noelle’s candid, no frills approach makes the programme easy to follow, practical and encourages a solid foundation for daily practice. MBCT with Noelle is an essential course to find calm in today’s busy world and to perform at peak potential.”

“This (MBCT) course to me is a life changing experience as mindfulness was something I always wanted to learn more with my husband. Thank you. 11 participants in 8 weeks. We did it together with great fun and joy.” 

I learnt to connect thoughts and feelings to become more authentic, and self-accepting and of others. It has been an incredible help for me to see less rigidity, and neutralize feelings of discomfort.” 

“The class has helped me become at ease with the wandering mind, and to connect my physical and mental wellbeing. This became clear to me during the Saturday retreat. I also like to do the body scan whenever I feel “disconnected” from myself. The practice provides me a place of comfort and solace.”

A great deal of learning from this excellent, insightful, well-structured and well-facilitated program. Lots of great sharing by classmates. I realize that mindfulness is a journey, not a destination. Hope to join buddy groups with the same interest for mutual learning and motivation.” 

“Despite my 40+ years of working experience in the last 20 years at a senior level I wish I had gone through this program early in my career.” 

It’s been an amazing journey for 8 weeks. I learned a lot to communicate with my body and mind, and to make peace.” 

“Attending MBCT was an amazing experience! It helped me become more mindful and live my life fully in the present. Noelle is an excellent instructor who showed genuine concern to the welfare and wellbeing of each member of our group. She’s patient, compassionate and understanding, and she did a great job managing the various personalities in our group so we could all be aligned and bond as a tribe. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their mental health, and I would recommend Noelle to be your guide on your mindfulness journey!” 

“I would definitely want to attend more training on the topic of mindfulness conducted by Noelle.” 

“This course provides a life skill which everyone should learn early on in life to understand yourself better and cope with any situation which might come up.”

“I was feeling kind of overwhelmed since the beginning of the year because of changes ay work. The Program helped me to refocus and forced me to make time for self to re-prioritise and be more aware.”

“It helped a lot during the last 2 month going through a challenging period where you have to manage it on your own, this program was essential to manage.”

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