Self-love is an invitation to be gentle with ourselves right this moment.

Not Giving Up

Not giving up by giving yourself permission to be in the present moment, and to be patient.

Directly Experiencing

Directly experiencing each moment instead of living through our mind filters allows us to live with more ease and connection.

Responding To Cravings

The Buddha had said cravings (attachments) is a source of our suffering. Here’s our Wednesday Pause practice of responding mindfully to our never-ending desires so that we are less easily led astray down the path of stress. And the poetry for today is Let These Be Your Desires by Khalil Gibran. Love has no other …

Decoupling From Self

Not pandering to our cravings and fears is an extension of letting go of the idea of a self.

Above The Noise

A practice of decentering or decoupling from mental chatter.

Meeting Anxiety

How to respond skillfully to anxiety instead of reacting.

Letting Go Perfection

What bothers us when we’re triggered is the unpleasant experiences (thoughts, feelings, sensations) that are evoked. So this is a practice of just being with whatever experiences that arise regardless if they meet our expectations. In meditation, we stay with the journey moment-by-moment, and leave the outcomes be whatever they are.

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