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Leaning In

Leaning in to whatever that is arising for us is about living life fully.

Going Deeper On Feeling Tone

Deepening our meditation on feeling tone, and noticing the chain of reactions accompanying the feeling of pleasantness, unpleasantness or neutral.

Feeling Tone

A practice on noticing and acknowledging our feeling tones, and letting them go in order to neutralize the conditions that make us react and suffer.


Cultivating patience as part of Wesak Day.

Part 1: Of Mindfulness & A Masterpiece

This must seem like a strange comparison. What does mindfulness and a masterpiece by one of the greatest artist Renoir have in common?

Keeping Quiet, Resting The Body

A mini body scan as an antidote to any post-vaccination side effects, and to take a mental pause during Eid.


A practice of noticing and connecting with transitions in our inner world to get comfortable in our own skin.

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