Radical Self-Love

Love yourself, process your emotions by paying attention to the body with gentleness.

What Will You Let Go?

Letting go of what distress us, often thoughts and stories that we tell ourselves.

Coming Home To Ourselves

Coming home to the body is an act of coming home to ourselves instead of being lost in our anxious, depressive thoughts.

Responding To Negativity

Responding to negative thoughts with a sense of being: intentionality and non-doing.

I Am The Lake

Meditating on the qualities of the lake – silent, still, confident of returning to its original being.

Change In Each Moment

If we can sit and pay attention to our changing thoughts and feelings, we can sit with whatever curveballs that are thrown to us. Makes it easier to embrace change.

Well Wishing

Attention and compassion are twins that keep us in the present moment instead of living in the past and future which is exhausting and distressing. To cultivate compassion, wishing well is the mantra of our Wednesday Pause meditation for #WorldMentalHealthDay. Wishing well a person whom you have an easy relationship with, someone who is experiencing …

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