I Am The Lake

Meditating on the qualities of the lake – silent, still, confident of returning to its original being.

Change In Each Moment

If we can sit and pay attention to our changing thoughts and feelings, we can sit with whatever curveballs that are thrown to us. Makes it easier to embrace change.

Well Wishing

Attention and compassion are twins that keep us in the present moment instead of living in the past and future which is exhausting and distressing. To cultivate compassion, wishing well is the mantra of our Wednesday Pause meditation for #WorldMentalHealthDay. Wishing well a person whom you have an easy relationship with, someone who is experiencing …

Welcoming Change

Responding well to change even if it’s unwelcome helps us move out of our comfort zone.

Being With Nature

Accepting our thoughts and feelings like accepting what happens in nature around us be it the four seasons, the sound of leaves and birds. Acceptance gives us peace of mind.


Self-love is an invitation to be gentle with ourselves right this moment.

Not Giving Up

Not giving up by giving yourself permission to be in the present moment, and to be patient.

Directly Experiencing

Directly experiencing each moment instead of living through our mind filters allows us to live with more ease and connection.

Responding To Cravings

The Buddha had said cravings (attachments) is a source of our suffering. Here’s our Wednesday Pause practice of responding mindfully to our never-ending desires so that we are less easily led astray down the path of stress. And the poetry for today is Let These Be Your Desires by Khalil Gibran. Love has no other …

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