Titration For Healing

Titrating to learn to self-regulate amidst difficult emotions.

Playfulness, Lightness

Experiences are impermanent, therefore approach them with playfulness, lightness for our wellbeing.


Bringing to bear the intention to befriend ourselves and others even if we don’t feel like it

Disengaging From Rumination

Rumination—thinking, thinking, going around in circles—brings us down the spiral, and causes depression, anxiety and stress. The invitation is to disengage from it, setting your thoughts free, and using the body to hold you steady. Thoughts, by Myra Viola Wilds What kind of thoughts now, do you carry In your travels day by day Are …

Open Mind

Here we are training the mind to stay open and steady whenever unwelcome emotions and experiences arise. Keeping an open mind, meaning when thoughts come through the mind, or emotions and sensations arise, we just meet them as they are, noticing them, as best as we can not judging although we might not be able …


Curiosity makes us feel more alive in the present moment.

Falling Asleep

Here is to having a good night sleep.

Showing Up

Show up for life instead of being busy, busy.

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