8-Week Mindfulness (Sep-Oct)

Our Sep-Oct program on Tuesdays is now full. We are opening a second class on Wednesdays. Early bird date ends on 3 Aug. Please register here

Meanwhile, feel free to sign up for the preview on 29 Jul, 8 – 9pm GMT+8 (MYT/SGT) Mindfulness: The 9th Wonder

Jennifer is generally happy with her life and wishes to learn new skills.

Michael is working much longer hours as a senior manager, and is easily agitated by mistakes. He wonders if he could better manage his anger and stress for his team’s sake.

Ariff plays tennis competitively and is seeking ways to overcome his nervousness when in the court. He read about the benefits of mindfulness and wonders if it could help him.

Rachel has been on medication for depression. She is seeking complementary, self-care and inexpensive ways to reduce relapses and general anxiety.

Sandra has been suffering from chronic pain in her body, and relies on painkillers. She has been told that meditators handle pain better.


If you find yourself in a somewhat similar situation as above, you are in the right place!

This 8-Week Mindfulness program aims to equip you with lifelong skills to improve focus, and therefore the capacity to feel more calm, compassionate and resilient. In short, to cultivate wellbeing, joy, and to flourish.

The program is based on MBCT or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, an evidence-based program recommended by NICE UK (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), and approved by NHS England as an alternative primary care treatment. It is also popularly taught to the general public.

What are the aims and benefits?

In MBCT, we do not attempt to change or eliminate the content of our experience. Instead we develop our capacity to relate in new ways to our experiences by

(1) recognizing and disengaging from thought processes like rumination that keep us locked in a rut, leaving us vulnerable to symptoms like anger and depression.

(2) widening our window of tolerance and responding skilfully to unpleasant feelings like worry and pain instead of reacting in habitual ways.

(3) reducing depression relapses by detecting early warning signs of shifting moods, and to practice self-care.

(4) cultivating a flexible perspective and the ability to let go, making it easier to adapt and stay optimistic.

On this journey, we are developing the skill to be less triggered and to remain guided by our values and larger purpose. Rather than seeing unpleasant feelings as difficulties, we learn to acknowledge our experiences as an invitation to live more authentically.

Who is this Program for? (Important to read)

This Program is for individuals keen on transforming their mental wellbeing and minds, and have the capacity to attend classes (2 hours a week for 8 weeks), and do the prescribed home practices (30 – 60 minutes a day).

Prior to registration, we would need to discuss the suitability of this Program if you are currently seeing or planning to see a therapist, or have sought therapy in the past 6 months. Please do not hesitate to contact noellelimlj(at)gmail(dot)com for a chat.

What is the format of the Program?

All sessions are delivered live online via Zoom.

Classes: 8 weeks, 2 hours each, practices and discussion. Notes are provided.

Retreat Day: 6 hours of silence including 1 hour lunch break.

Home practices: up to 1 hour each day, eg mindfulness meditation with audio guidance.

Note: In order to benefit from this Program, participants are encouraged to attend every session and practice daily.

What are the dates of the Program? 

Class: Wednesdays, 8 – 10pm GMT+8 (MYT/SGT): 8/9, 15/9, 22/9, 29/9, 6/10, 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 26/10

Day of Silence (retreat): Saturday, 9am – 3pm: 16/10

What do you need? (Important to read)

(1) Desktop / laptop that can access zoom.us, and has functional speakers, microphone (audio), and video. Smart phones are not recommended. 

(2) For people living in the same household, each person to use own device.

(3) Whatsapp for communication.

(4) Own space, preferably on your own, in a room when attending class.

(5) Yoga mat or exercise mat.

Will classes be recorded? (Important to read)

As part of the teacher’s training and continuous learning, all sessions are recorded, shared only with her supervisor and assessor. Faces of participants are not recorded.

Who is the teacher?

For more info about Noelle Lim, go here

How can you get a sneak preview of the Program?

You may join our Wednesday Pause program via Zoom on Wednesdays, 12:30 – 1pm SGT to get a taster of mindfulness practices. Register according to your time zone here

Or join the preview talk Mindfulness: The 9th Wonder on 29 Jul, 8 – 9pm and get your questions answered. Register here

Do you get a certificate for attending this Program?

Certificate of attendance shall be provided by Kindermind Center Singapore if you attend at least six out of the eight classes (of the six, we encourage you to attend Session 5).

This certificate is useful when you wish to deepen your practice and attend mindfulness courses that require prior completion of an 8-Week MBCT/MBSR program.

What is the fee for the 8-Week Program?

Fee before 3 Aug: S$180 / RM400 / US$140

Thereafter, fee is: S$300 / RM800 / US$230

Those living outside Singapore / Malaysia may pay into a Singapore bank account in Singapore dollars, or via Paypal in US dollars.

How to register?

Please register before 3 Aug to benefit from the early bird fee here

After registration, we shall have a chat and you’ll be advised on bank-in details.

Please do not hesitate to contact Noelle at noellelimlj(at)gmail(dot)com if you need more info or to discuss the suitability of this Program. Looking forward to hearing from you!

“MBCT with Noelle gave me practical, research-based tools to access an oasis of calm, focus and clarity in my busy life. As a result, I find that I am less overwhelmed, and am able to take on daily challenges with a greater sense of certainty, lucid focus and less stress. Noelle’s candid, no frills approach makes the programme easy to follow, practical and encourages a solid foundation for daily practice. MBCT with Noelle is an essential course to find calm in today’s busy world and to perform at peak potential.” Participant

“This (MBCT) course to me is a life changing experience as mindfulness was something I always wanted to learn more with my husband. Thank you. 11 participants in 8 weeks. We did it together with great fun and joy.” Participant

I learnt to connect thoughts and feelings to become more authentic, and self-accepting and of others. It has been an incredible help for me to see less rigidity, and neutralize feelings of discomfort.” Participant

“The class has helped me become at ease with the wandering mind, and to connect my physical and mental wellbeing. This became clear to me during the Saturday retreat. I also like to do the body scan whenever I feel “disconnected” from myself. The practice provides me a place of comfort and solace.” Participant

A great deal of learning from this excellent, insightful, well-structured and well-facilitated program. Lots of great sharing by classmates. I realize that mindfulness is a journey, not a destination. Hope to join buddy groups with the same interest for mutual learning and motivation.” Participant

“Despite my 40+ years of working experience in the last 20 years at a senior level I wish I had gone through this program early in my career.” Participant

It’s been an amazing journey for 8 weeks. I learned a lot to communicate with my body and mind, and to make peace.” Participant