Be Free

Fer Nando, Unsplash

In the gilded cage of desire

Fed with anxiety, dire

Feathers tremble with fear

Behind invisible bars, caged birds despair 

Thirsty they are, they say

Shooting the breeze all day

Never enough, never satisfied

Becoming prisoners of pride

Suffering comes to all

So sing the blues away at Preservation Hall

Hit those notes out of the park

For hope to make its mark

In the gilded cage of confusion

Flee the delusion

Leave your heart’s rue 

And may peace be upon you

When birds fill the dusky orange sky

Fellowship meets freedom

Bringing along wisdom

Making their way to heavenly kingdom

God made birds to fly

Not to live in cages

Break those chains, baby, break them

Lift those wings with might

And claim your birthright

Be free, my friends

Be free, and be at peace.

Noelle L, 04.07.2020

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