A Hundred Days


When I was researching for this poem, I searched for what transforms in 100 days. Turns out that sunflowers take about that amount of time to develop seeds. And so I use sunflowers as the metaphor, and draw on William Blake’s poem “Ah Sunflower”. Enjoy!

Over a hundred days 

The sunflower blooms

From seed to full glory

The age of innocence

On dry, sandy prairie

Songs lost in a reverie

The sunflower springs unbidden

Nothing’s forbidden

Mind as pristine as the blue Nelson lakes

Life still has many takes

The coming of age

Gardeners come calling

Enough of lolling

Time to snip, snip

The baby’s bib

The sunflower grows, reaching for the sky

Petals wilder as the wind blows

The age of knowing

Weary of time

Blinded by anopia

For meaning in utopia

Yet in the air sowing scent

Turning sorrow into sweet summer brent

The sunflower hardy, ready to seed

Over a hundred days

The sunflower blooms 

From seed to full glory

Shedding tears

Slaying its fears

What about you, my friends?

Now go forth, seed your dreams

Reach for the sky 

Give to the world

All you can, like the sunflower

Noelle L, 26.06.2020

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