Celebrate Today

Roxxie Blackham, Unsplash

A poem inspired by John Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row, and borrows a line (Just this! Only this!) from Zen poet, Ryokan’s poem.

Up Cannery Row I sit

With my cigarettes lit

Writing my life story

For a buck, how sorry

Care not I feel 

Chapters won’t seal

But the sun is not having it

Coz it wants a bestseller hit

Demanding I run with the truth

When nothing is more true 

Than friendship and love

I don’t know about tomorrow

Sometimes I miss yesterday 

I only know this moment

Just this! Only this!

Have faith

And a good bathe

Make today the most

And cook a mean roast

In this blazing summer heat

Birds can’t stop singing to their unborn

Silence too has a beat

In perfection, we see order

But in brokenness, we see beauty

In love, we see possibilities

If you find yourself

Standing on a wreckage of emotions

Dance like a gypsy

Ride in a jeepney

My guide is today

My mantra is love

Born to love in Cannery Row

We sing

We dance

And celebrate today.

Noelle L, 05.07.2020

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