Welcoming Change

Often what makes it difficult to accept change is the experiences that are triggered such as anxiety, sadness, fear of the unknown. Ruminating on it only compounds the suffering. This practice is about cultivating the capacity to welcome change, even those we don’t like, in order to ease into stepping out of our comfort zone and taking risks. Poetry for today is Change by Kathleen Raine.


Said the sun to the moon, You cannot stay. 


Says the moon to the waters, 

All is flowing. 


Says the fields to the grass, 

Seed-time and harvest, 

Chaff and grain. 

You must change said, 

Said the worm to the bud, 

Though not to a rose.

Petals fade 

That wings may rise 

Borne on the wind. 

Are you ready to change? 

Says the thought to the heart, to let her pass .

You will change, 

says the stars to the sun, 

Says the night to the stars.

Guide: Noelle Lim

Duration: 19 mins

Image credit: Malek Dridi, Unsplash

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