Something New Is Here

Our last meditation session for 2020, Something New Is Here, inspired by e.h.’s poetry. Hopefully 2021 will be kind to us. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Take down all your troubles

And wrap up your regret

Tie them to the rays of light

The sun sheds as it sets

Whisper all that was

To fleeting seconds as they pass

But hold onto your hope

For something new is here at last

Beg your own forgiveness

And then grant it in one breath

Lay the year down softly

As it waits to face its death

Then sit with eyes turned skyward

As the night-time comes alive

All that’s been is over

And a new year has arrived.

Falling Asleep

Here’s a short guided meditation to help you fall asleep. Curing insomnia is not the primary intention of mindfulness meditation but the gentle act of focusing on the breath can be very calming. It’s common to see people doze off. Hope this helps. Sleep well!

Meeting Anxiety

Here’s Episode 2, guided meditation on meeting anxiety as and when it arises, followed by a poetry read Vast Blue Sky. Hopefully this is not too rushed and gives you a sense of groundedness. You may continue to sit in silence after the recording ends. Enjoy!

Duration: 6 minutes

Instructor: Noelle Lim

Hearing The Silence

The mind gets caught up in thinking and mental chatter. What if we paid particular attention to the silence, the pauses between thoughts? Like noticing the white, not just the black. Noticing calm, not just the chaos. Noticing the little pleasures in life, not just the problems.

This practice of Hearing The Silence is inspired by a session with MBCT teacher Trish Bartley. She referred to one of her favourite conductors, the late Claudio Abbado who when asked what was his favourite part, he said, “The silence that comes after the music.” Indeed.

May silence lead you home.

Instructor: Noelle Lim

Duration: 5 minutes

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