10-Week Pause: Session 6 – Allowing

As we are coming into the second half of this 10-Week Pause, we are practicing allowing things to be as they are. This would refer to thoughts that we have, emotions and physical sensations that are arising so that our next action is not a reactive, hasty one. 

It certainly does not mean we passively accept our circumstances and not do anything to rectify. 

Rather we give ourselves that pause and merely observing what plays out instead of acting on every impulse, which includes judging. In the process, we are practicing letting go of conditions that are not helpful nor useful, and acting with discernment. 

Thoughts, emotions, sensations, impulses are merely conditions, merely physiological outcomes, signals. They’re not tangible. We don’t have to act or be driven by them. Or to be beholden to them like a slave. 

Meditation, done regularly, is a powerful way of letting go of attachments, anxieties, sadness and distractions that weigh us down, hold us back, or lead us down an unhealthy path.


In Session 6: Allowing, we are practicing sitting with whatever that is arising notably thoughts, emotions, body sensations and impulses to act without judging or doing anything further.

Finding a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Perhaps by now, you’ve established your corner at home or somewhere outside where you can sit peacefully. 

Sitting on a cushion, chair or mat, as long as it supports you sitting with your back upright.

Feet can be on the floor or ground, or your legs folding in a cross leg position.

Closing the eyes or lowering the gaze.


Taking a few breaths. 

Allowing the mind and body to be here in this present moment.

Inviting the mind to be here. 


As best as you can, breathing gently. 

Taking your time.

Feeling the breathing.

Noticing the sensations of the air moving into the nostrils.

The belly rising with each inhaling.

The belly falling with each exhaling. 


As thoughts, pleasant, unpleasant arising, simply acknowledging them.

No further action needed.

No justification needed.

No positive thinking needed.

No judging required.

Just be with them as they are.

And keeping the sensations of breathing in awareness.


As thoughts are coming and going, there might be emotions arising too.

Perhaps subtle, perhaps strong.

As best as you can, just acknowledging them.

No action needed.

No reasoning needed.

No speculation required.

Just acknowledging, observing.

And keeping the sensations of breathing in awareness.


You may be finding yourself holding on to a particular thought or feeling, perhaps replaying old conversations and events over and over again, as best as you can, visualising them like clouds passing by in the sky.

Dark clouds, white clouds, fluffy, light clouds. 

Letting them drift in, drift out. 

Observing like a third party, a spectator, rather than as the actor in the play.


If you are noticing any sensations or tension in the body, breathing into that spot, softening the sensation, breathing out, letting go.

Allowing yourself to let that go.

As sensations are merely that, sensations. 


Now allow me to read this poem to you.

The Trees, by Philip Larkin

The trees are coming into leaf 

Like something almost being said; 

The recent buds relax and spread, 

Their greenness is a kind of grief. 

Is it that they are born again 

And we grow old? No, they die too, 

Their yearly trick of looking new 

Is written down in rings of grain. 

Yet still the unresting castles thresh 

In fullgrown thickness every May. 

Last year is dead, they seem to say, 

Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.


After each breath, after each thought, feeling, it’s a moment of rebirth.

A chance to start anew.

A chance to make good in the here and now for the future.

So not squandering the moment.

Letting go the past because it’s the past.

Letting go of the future as it’s not here yet.

When you are ready to end the meditation, taking a few deep breaths, gently opening the eyes.

Taking a moment, noticing what feelings are here. 

As best as you can, bringing the sense of being with you into the rest of the day. 

Meditation is a practice, and it may take time and patience to cultivate the ability to let go of attachments and distractions. 

Being gentle with yourself, and trusting that with consistent practice, you will develop steadiness and peace.

Thank you and see you in Session 7.

Guide: Noelle Lim

Image credit: Motoki Tonn, Unsplash

Listen to Session 5 at https://kindermind.center/2023/04/25/10-week-pause-session-5-mindfulness-of-attachments/

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