Let Me Be At Ease

This practice is about cultivating easing ourselves into whatever emotions that arise whenever things do not go our way or when something upsets us. Ensuring we are not overly gripped by our feelings and say or do something that will cause us or others harm.

I’ll be okay, by Leeann Rose

A cool breeze , makes me feel free

A cup of coffee or tea , is soothing to me ..

A lit candle burning, puts me at ease ..

A walk around the block, the children laughing makes me smile.

A cruel world, they know nothing about ..

I’m still

Living in the moments,

trying to figure it all out

Some days are harder than most ..

I find strength within..

I know I’ll be okay ..

Never forgetting to breathe.

One day at a time.

Guide: Noelle Lim

Image credit: Aleksandar Cvetanovic, Unsplash

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