This evening’s practice is about noticing what’s here for us right now, how we’re holding our body, our posture, our feelings, moods, what thoughts are passing by, and how we’re reacting or responding to what’s arising, with kindness – do we tend to judge, do we tend to try to push away, do we try to dampen positive thoughts or shrug off negative thoughts. Here we are just noticing, not needing to react further to what’s arising within us. It’s a practice of letting be instead of having to resist and fight against our feelings or what might be unpleasant, or constantly needing to cling on to pleasantness.

Noticing, Aisha Sherazi

Notice the way,

Children laugh and play,

They notice these things,

Each bright new day.

So when you stop,

Seeing those things,

You know you’ve grown up,

And your heart no longer sings.

So take the time,

To look with new eyes,

At all that surrounds you,

To do so would be wise.

Because we are not here,

In this world,

For very long,

Let’s appreciate its beauty,

Let’s listen to its song.

Guide: Noelle Lim

Image credit: Tina Xinia, Unsplash

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