Gratitude. Make The Leap.

Closing 2021 with a gratitude mindfulness practice, bringing to mind whom we’re grateful for, and what we’re grateful for this year and right this moment. Happy 2022, and make the leap, folks!

Crossing, Jericho Brown (extract)

We work, start on one side of the day

Like a planet’s only sun, our eyes straight

Until the flame sinks. The flame sinks.

Thank God I’m different.

I’ve figured and counted.

I’m not crossing

To cross back.

I’m set

On something vast.

It reaches

Long as the sea.

I’m more than a conqueror, bigger

Than bravery.

I don’t march.

I’m the one who leaps.

Guide: Noelle Lim

Duration: 19 minutes

Image credit: Sarah Shull, Unsplash

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