Go Gently Into The Night

Jeremy Thomas, Unsplash

The wasted mind, heavy

Clouded by the fog

Sinking into a muddy bog.

The wasted heart, broken

Trampled on

Left on the sidewalk.

The wasted body, decaying

Biding its time

Waiting for the guards of death.

Go gently into the night.

Under the waxing moon of the summer sky

Seek refuge in the awakened heart.

If grief is present

Rain shall fall, soon washed away

For hope to come out to play.

If love is unspoken

Held like secrets in the bosom

Let hearts awaken

For silence to blossom.

If death is near

In seven purities I seek. One day

Before the Awakened one, I lay bare

At the pearly gates, eager to tell my story.

I go gently into the night.

The trees whisper to me

Be of good courage, they say

On a still night, seek meditation

On a rough night, watch the stars twinkle.

The virtuous dedicate their merits. Awakened

Accepting refuge in their hearts. Shining

Like the brightest stars of the Summer Triangle.

They too shall go gently into the night.

Noelle L, 12.06.2020

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