Surrendering Like An Eagle

Mathew Schwartz, Unsplash

If we remind ourselves of our imperfections

Tell us we’re not good enough

Punishing the fragile ego

Life becomes a suffering.

But what if we can be for changing

If answering setbacks

Means leaving outside the ego

The enemy of courage locking us in a wallow.

Instead, why not surrender and accept

On hand, a willing heart

To life’s irregular cracks and weathering

We’ll see the play of her seasons

And witness the glory of her possibilities.

Let life not beat us down

Instead, accept her grand invitation

To climb onto her big, strong wings 

Like those of the bald eagle

That flies towards the storm

Gliding higher, gathering more strength, more speed

Soaring above rain clouds.

Why let the ego keeps us on our knees

When we can fly above the gust.

An eagle 

Does not dwell on the size of her claws

Nor apologises for her flaws

Instead she opens up to the call of life

Accepting a lift from the stormy winds

Going higher, going further, she becomes more.

Noelle L, 05.06.2020

Clearing With Kindness

Ruxandra Mateiu, Unsplash

Poem written and read by me as part of Calm in Chaos meditation series.

Lying among daffodils

Basking in the golden sun

Feeling its warmth spreading over

Clearing us for sure

Shining into the cavities of the mind

Releasing thoughts from a bind

Freeing the heart

Of envy and rut

Undoing the knots of self-judgement

Lodged in the pits of disappointment

Soothing the nerves 

In the tempest of anxiety.

The sun, our steward

Does not desire reward

Clearing us with kindness

Not demanding to be finest

Departing when it’s time for rest.

Take cue from the sun

Who wants to go, let them go

Who wants to stay, welcome them

Who leaves footprints, let them be.

For to know courage

Is to have let go off someone’s hand

To know connection

Is to have held someone’s hand.

To know kindness

Is to be like the sun

That knows its rhythm 

Letting go when time is up

Yet always there, giving, never holding back.

Noelle L, 29.05.2020