Meditations & Poems

Meeting Anxiety

Our second guided meditation recording, enjoy!

Hearing The Silence

Our first guided meditation recording, enjoy!


Life is like the river – ever flowing, ever changing, never permanent.


The lavender is beautiful and healing.


Silence shows us the way home.


On my bucket list is to see the Aurora lights in the South. Here’s my ode to it.

Celebrate Today

Read on the last Day #108 of Calm In Chaos meditation series. Poem inspired by John Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row, and Ryokan’s poems.

Be Free

Read at Calm In Chaos meditation series. Also in conjunction with Independence Day in the US.

A Hundred Days

Read and written for Calm In Chaos meditation series day #100. Inspired by sunflowers and also William Blake’s poem “Ah Sunflower”.

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